Natural gas processing and gas treatment plants - equipment manufacturing, engineering, construction and midstream operation

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Natural gas processing plant design, construction and installation by SouthTex Treaters of Odessa Texas

SouthTex Treaters provides gas processing options
to meet client requirements.



A SouthTex Treaters amine tower skid

Gas processing design, equipment supply
and contract operation for over 25 years...

  Natural Gas Processing Services

Gas processing involves converting original wellhead gas into a saleable product by removing contaminants and/or excess BTU.  Wellhead gas typically contains excess water, CO2, H2S, or needs to be formed into liquid and vapor products to reduce BTU in the gas phase.

A SouthTex Treaters condensate stabilizerSouthTex has your gas treatment needs covered… whether you are an independent oil and gas producer, a midstream operator or major in need of a supplier, or a private interest. Southtex manufactures, sells, leases and even contract operates the plants and units that remove water, CO2, H2S, and separate (fractionate) liquid and vapor products to meet pipeline specifications.

SouthTex utilizes only brand new product in its plants, but is also capable of providing low cost refurbishments from its stock yard inventory, all ASME code compliant and x-rayed for integrity. Many of our new plants are also available in stock and can be modified and delivered upon the client’s request and specifications. Plants can be ready for delivery in less than 6-8 weeks if necessary, with a 10 to 12 week standard delivery. SouthTex offers startup assistance, ongoing technical support and time to delivery that are unbeatable.

SouthTex facilities can be located where there is one well, or where multiple gas streams are gathered for proper treatment before reaching the pipeline. Check out our specialty services below:


The process used most often for removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S), referred to as acid gas compounds, from natural gas is the amine process. This is a continuous process wherein acid gas compounds are selectively absorbed from the gas stream under conditions of high pressure and moderate temperature. Conditions in the regenerator area of high temperature and low pressure cause the acid gas compounds to desorb  from the amine solution and the cooled solution is returned to the high pressure absorber for removal of additional acid gas compounds. Learn about what SouthTex Treaters has to offer for amine treatment.



Many natural gas streams contain excessive amounts of liquefiable hydrocarbons. To prevent condensation of these during pipeline transport, the gas stream is dehydrated and cooled below any expected pipeline condition. Liquid product produced is stabilized for the required duty and the gas is warmed for transportation.

SouthTex offers customized refrigeration plants according to customer specifications for applications such as dewpoint control and NGL recovery/fractionation.


Many natural gas fields also produce a light hydrocarbon liquid product (condensate) along with the gas. For this liquid to be shipped safely in atmospheric pressure trucks and to avoid high vaporization losses, the liquid is stabilized using heat and a fraction tower to set the liquid vapor pressure within acceptable limits. The light products removed from the heavier liquid can be used as fuel and/or many other uses. The stabilized liquid is cooled before going to storage tanks.

SouthTex Treaters manufactures condensate stabilizers to meet a wide range of output. View our stock stabilizer units here.


Water vapor must be removed from natural gas to prevent pipeline corrosion and mechanical damage to downstream equipment. The most common method for this procedure involves use of TriEthylene Glycol (TEG) in a continuous process in which the water vapor is absorbed from the gas under conditions of high pressure and moderate temperature. Regenerator conditions of low pressure and high temperature cause the water to be released from the TEG and the cooled TEG is returned to the TEG absorber for removal of additional water vapor.

SouthTex typically provides a TEG regenerator unit with gas train in conjunction with amine treatment facilities but is pleased to offer glycol dehydrators as a standalone product.


SouthTex Treaters has patented technology available to remove/dispose of BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, and Xylene) components and aromatics from amine plant vent streams. Our approach to BTEX and aromatics removal costs a fraction of alternative technologies, and is virtually maintenance free. Read more here...


SouthTex has 80 acres of gas treating inventory for one very important reason, delivery. A quick delivery of quality gas treating products keeps downtime to a minimum for clients once their well is completed. Whether it’s offering clients parts for existing equipment from their inventory or delivering a complete plant, having a large inventory of specifically needed elements for gas treating and processing is standard practice at SouthTex. Read more here...


SouthTex contract treating and operating services involve partnering with a customer in the treating process. The client does not have any of the expense associated with building or owning a gas treating plant... they simply opt for a monthly processing fee. Read more here...



Equipment for removal of trace amounts of H2S from natural gas
Equipment for removal of mercury from natural gas
Oxygen removal from natural gas

Wellhead conditioning requirement

Southtex Product

Excess CO2 or H2S

Amine regeneration skid with gas train,  largely skid mounted from Southtex stock designs or customer designated design

*Southtex also offers patented BTEX removal technology from regeneration vent stream if emissions exceed regulations

Excess BTU

Refrigeration facility largely skid mounted with stabilizer for liquid product

Excess Water

TEG regen with gas train

Combining practical knowledge with the latest technologies, SouthTex carries gas treatment projects from concept to completion. The company has been a leader in gas processing for over 25 years, and has operated treating facilities with greater than 97% runtime performance over a 5-year period. Top-notch engineering, quality control and unsurpassed delivery unite with economies of scale and no-nonsense integrity to create operational efficiencies that are hard to find under one roof.

From chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering to plant and process design, equipment supply, construction, installation, start-up assistance, tech support and plant operation, SouthTex has the entire value-chain for plant construction covered in-house.