Natural gas processing and gas treatment plants - equipment manufacturing, engineering, construction and midstream operation

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Natural gas processing plant design, construction and installation by SouthTex Treaters of Odessa Texas

SouthTex Treaters provides gas processing options
to meet client requirements.


  Amine Treatment Plants

The process used most often for removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from natural gas (referred to as acid gas removal or gas sweetening) is the amine process. This is a continuous process wherein acid gas compounds are selectively absorbed from the gas stream under conditions of high pressure and moderate temperature. Conditions in the regenerator area of high temperature and low pressure cause the acid gas compounds to desorb  from the amine solution and the cooled solution is returned to the high pressure absorber for removal of additional acid gas compounds.

For gas streams with excess H2S and CO2, SouthTex offers an amine regeneration skid with available gas train and TEG (glycol) dehydration units for excess water removal. Amine treatment plants are our specialty and are built from SouthTex stock designs, or custom built to customer designated specifications.

amine tresatment plant diagram

Stock plants sizes include 25gpm, 150gpm, 500gpm and 1300gpm. We work with slab or skid-mounted designs and offer superior site planning and accessibility. SouthTex has treated as much as 200 million cubic feet per day for clients, and built treating facilities capable of more than a billion cubic feet per day. The company averages over thirty amine treating plants sold per year, along with liquids recovery plants, dehydrators, stabilizers and other related treating and processing equipment.

amine treatment plant circulation rates

SouthTex typically utilizes only brand new product in its plants, but is also capable of providing low cost refurbishments from its stock yard inventory, all ASME code compliant and x-rayed for integrity. Many of our new plants are also available in stock and can be modified and delivered upon the client’s request and specifications. Plants can be ready for delivery in less than 6-8 weeks if necessary, with a 10 to 12 week standard delivery. SouthTex offers startup assistance, ongoing technical support and time to delivery that are unbeatable.

SouthTex facilities can be located where there is one well, or where multiple gas streams are gathered for proper treatment before reaching the pipeline.